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Tammy and Miriam bring their conveyancing knowledge and efficiency from the “big smoke” to the Yorke Peninsula and Copper Coast area, but more importantly, they also bring something that they are both so proud to have grown up with …. “good old fashioned country service”.

Our local in your area ...

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Signing for Vendor – Who can sign a Form 1 and at what risk?

The topics around the preparation, signing and service of Form 1 documentation remain some of the most highly debated in the conveyancing and real estate industries in South Australia...

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Foreign Ownership Surcharge and the ‘Ten Pound Pom’ Dilemma

Did you know... a 'foreign person' purchasing Residential Property is required to pay a 7% surcharge on the purchase price of that property..?

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Tuckfields secure storage site

Tammy Edwards visits Tuckfields secure storage site at The Information Management Group (TIMG), who are front runners for information management across Australia...

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Title Watch

In conjunction with the e-conveyancing environment, the Lands Titles Office has introduced Title Watch, a free service to assist us in reducing the risk of fraud in our industry...

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Outsourcing Form1s

There is an ever-increasing number of Real Estate Agents taking the decision to outsource their Form 1 preparation. Agents find peace of mind in the knowledge their Form 1 is being prepared by specialists in the field and acknowledge the convenience and time saved by outsourci...

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ID theft - should I be worried?

If you have had a recent property transaction, you would have noticed the process has changed quite significantly over the years. The increased rise in identity fraud in Australia has seen strict guidelines put around how we verify the identity of our clients.


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Is your pool compliant?

Daylight savings has arrived, and with that, we all know Summer is on the way! One of our favourite things about Summer in SA is chilling by the pool! Before you kick back and relax poolside you should consider if your pool is compliant - click link to learn more...

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Celebrating 100 e-Settlements on Melbourne Cup day with PEXA

Many celebrated Melbourne Cup day on Tuesday 6th November 2018 however, Tuckfields had so much more to celebrate with the official announcement by PEXA of settling over 100 properties in the electronic space - click link to learn more...

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Tuckfields eConveyancing

  • Tuckfields eConveyancing - https://www.tuckfields.com.au/econveyancing/

    Introducing the era of eConveyancing! eConveyancing has launched in South Australia! The introduction of eConveyancing revolutionises the way we settle property transactions. This is an exciting time for Conveyancers as we will now be able to complete settlements in a digital environment. The changes to the Real Property Act to bring us into an eConveyancing environment are by far the greatest since the Act was passed in 1858 and some of the most significant we have experienced in our industry to-date. The benefits of eConveyancing are that the new ownership will be registered immediately. Currently, there can be a four to six-week gap between the time settlement takes place and when documents are registered at the Lands Titles Office. For more info about Tuckfields eConveyancing - Send us an email or call us (08) 8344 3448 to personally help with your enquiry.

Residential Conveyancing

  • Residential Conveyancing - https://www.tuckfields.com.au/residential-conveyancing/

    Whether you are buying or selling, Tuckfields will take care of you during your settlement process. Residential Conveyancing – You’ve just found that perfect house and/or you’re looking to sell your existing home. Whatever the situation you will need a Conveyancer to take care of your settlement. Great… but what does a Conveyancer do?We own the settlement process! We’re the ones who ensure your settlement runs smoothly. What’s more …. we get a kick out of it.So you’ve signed on the dotted line and think that is all there is to it? This is only the beginning! Your Agent will pass on signed documentation to us so we can check them for accuracy and advise you of anything out of the ordinary. We also make sure nothing has been missed. Then the games really begin! – For more info about Tuckfields Residential Conveyancing - Send us an email or call us (08) 8344 3448 to personally help with your enquiry.

Commercial Conveyancing

  • Commercial Conveyancing - https://www.tuckfields.com.au/commercial-conveyancing/

    Commercial Conveyancing can often be complex and requires the right advice. Our commercial conveyancers keep up to date with the rapidly changing legislation giving you peace of mind that your legislative requirements are being met by an experienced commercial specialist. As well as a number of multi-storey developments, Tuckfield Conveyancing has managed On the Run’s acquisition of Mobile and BP service stations.– For more info about Tuckfields Commercial Conveyancing - Send us an email or call us (08) 8 344 3448 to personally help with your enquiry.

Tuckfields Lifestyle Changes

  • Tuckfields Lifestyle Changes - https://www.tuckfields.com.au/lifestyle-changes/

    Life can sometimes take a different route to what we had planned. Life doesn’t always proceed as planned.Some topics are too personal to discuss however, they can’t be avoided. Death of a loved one is never easy and neither are the legal ramifications for those left behind. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of having a Will.If you are a surviving Joint Tenant or have the Grant of Probate, your Conveyancer can prepare the documentation required to change the ownership on your Title, or the Title of a late loved one.Divorce is also something we can’t predict and once again changes are required to the ownership of your title. Your Conveyancer can assist with the documentation, liaison with your financier and lodgement at the Lands Titles Office.– For more info about Tuckfields Lifestyle Changes - Send us an email or call us (08) 8344 3448 to personally help with your enquiry.

Tuckfields Land Divisions and Community Title Applications

  • Tuckfields Land Divisions and Community Title Applications - https://www.tuckfields.com.au/land-divisions-and-community-title-applications/

    Whether you are creating two titles from one,or are planning a large, multi-staged development, Tuckfields can help. Your property has become too big to handle and you want or need to downsize, or you are considering broadening your horizons and would like to start an investment portfolio with the land you already have.It doesn’t matter if you are splitting one title into two or looking at a larger-scale division, your Conveyancer will ensure all your obligations are met.Conveyancers work closely with your Surveyor and financier to safeguard your obligations throughout the division process including the creation of easements and lodgement of documentation in the Lands Titles Office to enable the creation of new Titles.Tuckfield Conveyancing can see you through the entire process! – For more info about Tuckfields Land Divisions and Community Title Applications - Send us an email or call us (08) 8344 3448 to personally help with your enquiry.

Form 1 Services - Tuckfield Agent Solutions

  • Form 1 Services - Tuckfield Agent Solutions

    Form 1 Services - Tuckfield Agent Solutions. Join an elite group of agents who outsource their Form 1 preparation to the specialists!Tired of Conveyancers requesting you re-serve a Form 1 due to a technical error? Struggling to explain to your Vendors why cooling-off periods are getting extended or contracts are being withdrawn due to defective Form 1s? Does the thought of preparing a Form 1 make you shudder?A very simple solution: Us!We guarantee no Form 1 will be released from our office until it has been verified by one of our conveyancers. Our process is efficient and simple and we deliver the most comprehensive Form 1s in Adelaide! Seize the day and outsource your Form 1 preparation to Tuckfield Agent Solutions and achieve the following: • Peace of Mind • Increased Productivity • Reduced Overheads • Reduced Risks. – For more info about Form 1 Services - Tuckfield Agent Solutions - Send us an email or call us (08) 8 344 3448 to personally help with your enquiry.


5 months ago
Miriam was great to deal with. Professional and understanding. Your business processes did not present any obstacles to the sale of my property and communication was always prompt and personalized.
- Leelee J
3 months ago
Miriam at Tuckfields was very efficient and timely in her follow up. Appreciated her input and her help.
- Shane D
5 months ago
Miriam was very professional, and made the whole process very smooth and straight forward for us. Thankyou to Miriam, Tammy, and the whole team at Tuckfields.
- Vanessa W

Tuckfield Conveyancing Kadina

Tuckfield Conveyancing Kadina, South Australia are proud to be servicing the Yorke Peninsula and Copper Coast!

At Tuckfield Conveyancing - Kadina SA 

You’ll find up-to-date professional knowledge, years of experience and unparalleled service.We take the time to clearly explain the meaning and importance of each document before you sign. 

We don’t use complicated terms and we don’t rush.The Tuckfields team are trained to handle all aspects of each property settlement in a timely and efficient way.

CEO Tammy Edwards, together with her team, make it a priority to ensure that as the client you are regularly contacted and kept informed of the progress of your property transaction.

Tuckfields is strongly built on referrals and continues to grow. This in itself gives assurance to our valued clients that they will receive the best possible service.

Tuckfield Conveyancing - Kadina SA has a wide range of property services available:

Want to know more...? Send us an email or call us on (08) 8344 3448 to personally help with your enquiry today!

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